Online Status.

It was a great pleasure to hone web skills and exchange feedback with fellow peers. When it comes to maintaining online identity, my initial thoughts simply went on to the distinction between a personal and professional profile. And that escalated to thinking that we possess rights to post anything on closed personal profile. Indeed.

However, the greater freedom of speech (through online platforms) may come with the tendency to act imprudently online. Having the freedom does not mean that we can use it to justify our actions that may be offensive and incur negative consequences over the Web. We need to be responsible – think before act.

Many organizations attempt to bring personal touch via online presence to connect with consumers. As we see abundance of information on virtual space, the higher bargaining power of consumers prompts organizations to deliver more. Organizations need to step up the game – it is more than marketing. Consumers want value. Same goes to individuals, what makes you think that a HR recruiter will notice you? Beyond showcasing achievements, I believe an individual needs to produce new ideas constantly online and connect with one another. When you give, you then receive.

In all, living and working on web probably akin to being your own brand manager. The emphasis here is to not to separate professional and personal profile for professional advantages, but rather portraying the BEST of an individual with content management. Using Powtoon, I hope to  share the basis of my digital profile planning with the 3Cs (refer to above video).


Screenshot 2015-11-20 22.42.17
My activities on LinkedIn

Placing learning forward, I created a LinkedIn account – a new community in my case. While connecting with my previous colleagues, I can also view highly customised articles (according to my interests) on my feed and share them. I am able to like and comment on posts by organizations. The refreshing idea of “crowdsourcing” based on professional interests helps me to better manage my information pool as it filters content that suits my professional needs.

Beyond that, my passion in visual creations may enhance my professional profile as it displayed creative traits that may be reflected in professional context.  The strategy was to post them on Instagram. Instagram users tend to use Instagram geotags for more information about the place. Since my visual creations revolves around the idea of location hunts and travel, I thought it will be more effective compared to my previous habits of posting them on Twitter. It provides enhanced value for a user who comes across my post (as he can see more relevant photos by clicking the geotag).

Screenshot 2015-11-20 23.06.07
@tedgraphy’s photo and @yishinnnnn’s (my) photoshop skills

A previous colleague of mine is also a visual enthusiast and thus we “collaborated”. Using her original photography work, I brought out a entirely different visual experience via editing software. The prologue of our collaboration helped her to gain exposure and allowed me to tap on her strength in photography. In the meanwhile, we are making plans of continuum of collaborations – to produce themed visuals.

As I explore various applications, I found rather useful as a digital namecard which I display it on my different online platforms. Different accounts of mine (be it writing, works, connecting) are curated at a single glance. Audience may see me better as a whole individual rather than making judgements based on one profile.

Future Plans

The blog of mine currently records travel musings and visual experiences. The aim is to develop them into a variety of relevant Marketing content. The Powtoon video post may be a great start in using different online visual materials to illustrate Marketing strategies that may be much valued in the eyes of readers (and then to marketing professionals). I will also categorise the posts to customise to the needs of readers.

At present, I use tweets to hear opinions from others which I learnt how to  think critically based on opinions/information online (not taking everything as true). Meanwhile, I hope to connect with others (i.e. on Linkedin) in the similar manner by hearing from them more and share my thoughts.


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