Telling the story of yours (Topic 3),

Connectivity, Branding and Authenticity

The key points of Crystal‘s has perfectly summed up to what contributes an authentic online profile. Getting connected is the utmost important as that is the precise aim of creating an online profile. Besides landing a step closer to your potential employer, it helps to expand the personal network beyond geographical borders and reaches people of common interest over the world. Ideas can be exchanged online and an individual can get in touch with the latest news from various people from the same industry.


(Melbourne Resumes, 2015)

The changing landscape of Human Resource industry poses a need to manage social media accounts as they are increasingly used in many hiring decisions. For the very simple reason that they reveal “a great deal” about individuals, HR personnel often views a prospective candidate’s social media account to access his cultural fit between the company. Therefore, this can be seen as a potential idea to enhance your brand through the management of these accounts (and of course, some witty resumes). For instance, one may post his ideas and create discussions on Facebook.

One consideration that Crystal has pointed out was that “being transparent is not being discriminative or offensive”. Hence it equates to the careful posting of comments because even if one adjusts his privacy settings (to friends), there is a high possibility that your superiors or colleagues may become friends on these accounts and this may affect you negatively.

Calanthea’s tips in creating a good LinkedIn account comes in handy as I saw the need in creating one. When you know where your job recruiters are, it is certainly easier to reach out to them. While scrolling through Kai Yuan’s blog, the figures of job seekers and job recruiters caught me with shock as the current situation presents a relatively huge supply-demand gap on LinkedIn. Use of a professional photo and a clever summary will catch their attention and hopefully an invitation for interview.

Authenticity comes in and an individual should not falsify any credentials. In other words, the online profile of yours should tell YOUR VERY OWN STORY AND NOT OTHERS.


Melbourne Resumes, (2015). Personal Branding. [image] Available at: [Accessed 6 Nov. 2015].

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