It’s all about management (Topic 1)

A witty friend of mine lamented that no individual can escape from the claws of digital technology – data is recorded onto the digital space once you are born! There he went and he felt that the new technological era of technology has invaded everyone’s privacy. Indeed, everyone does have a choice in deciding to be either a Digital Resident or Visitor. Browsing through the blogs of my various colleagues, I see the concurrence that there are no such best modes between the both. But rather, there is room for discussion of the different motivators behind every individual’s choice.

Given the rise in globalization and the time where most of our friends are not in town (either studying overseas or globetrotting), it is unequivocal that many of us will have displayed traces of presences online. It is probably the most efficient and timely form of communication – sharing your favourite music playlist, playing games and seeing “face-to-face”. Having said that, most of us were considered Residents at a point of time (such as at the present, blogging and exchanging views).

Of course, it is definitely understandable that why we can be Visitors too. The perks of technology come with implications as more is concerned with issues such as privacy and security. Social media applications such as Snapchat is seen increasingly popular over others (e.g. Facebook) because of its unique features that minimize these concerns.

Overall, I think that the two modes are relevant in managing our online presence. The enormous online community is a potential source of information and platform to exchange views. While being careful with what is published, an individual can certainly reap the benefits of “residing online”. What Stephanie had brought up (under the comments) has prompted me for further thinking. I think that Residents do have strong online presence but that does not equalize to a positive presence. Hence, it is far more essential to decide which information of yours should be published and which it is not. For instance, one should not make personal hasty comments about races or religions. In that sense, an individual can be a Resident-Visitor placed between the two modes.

Thoughts on Others’ Views


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