Viam aut inveniam, aut faciam.

In other words, this latin quote describes that one shall find a way or make a way. And probably this can not be more apt in illustrating my daily adventures and thoughts. As much as Singapore being compared to a “little red dot”, I love discovering new hideouts and gems; be it museums, nature parks and even indie cafes. And that’s when my passion for photography comes in handy as I tend to capture these moments with my small mobile on hand.  You may never expect, but a photo can bring across different messages and emotions when filtered variantly, taken from different angles etc.. Times when natural lighting does not cooperate and the photos do not come out as expected, there goes my nights when I will sit down and edit the photos with all sorts of applications.

It is amazing to create “something” out of “anything” – and I love doing so.

Nonetheless as a new student in Marketing, it is certainly intriguing to explore the various aspects of Marketing in terms of communication, analysis etc.. I would say it definitely take much more effort to learn but I’m all ready for it! 🙂


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