Out of 5,

Myriad of information is readily available online, but the usefulness is dependent on how you utilise it. Hence before the start of the module, here’s a peek of how I accessed my digital profile.

Accessing, Managing & Evaluating Information – 

There can be an improvement in terms of evaluating the online information; from learning how to cross-referencing them to making an independent assessment (and not taking the information as it is).

Participating in Online Communities – 

I consider my interactions with my friends in social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) as quite habitual. In most cases, interesting news or facts are often came across as friends’ posts on Facebook because they tend to share these articles which appear on my feed. Furthermore, I love to check out online reviews posted on the cafes’ online page before paying a visit. I will also post my feedback of hotels upon stays, contributing to their mass online reviews which affect their  reputation.

Building Online Networks Around an Area of Interest – ➌

As a fan of photography, I upload my work online through different platform. However, they are only exposed to my circle of friends; hereby the network could be further established beyond social circle.

Collaborating with Others – 

I’m a passive online user whom only view others’ work online – perhaps a greater effort should be taken in initiating them.

Creating Online Materials (text, audio, images, video) – ➍

I’ve been currently exploring the range of media in my assignments/projects. Nonetheless, bar should be raised in creating more professional works that deliver intended messages across.

Managing your Online Identity – 

 The fact that I’m unsure of what makes for my online identity tells that I need to be clear to manage it.

Managing your Online Privacy and Security – ➌

Fair number of precautions are taken (e.g. Not revealing personal contact and confidential information). However, there should be a better balance between privacy/security and accessibility issues (to build a better network around the world).


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